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Living in Mumbai, India, I am passionate about cooking healthy food, leading a healthy lifestyle, growing orchids and writing. My journey so far, has been incredibly rewarding. My love for simple healthy food stems from my time spent at my grandparent’s home at Tigadi, a small village in North Karnataka, India, which was a melting pot for learning about healthy food, sustainable farming, simple living and giving back to the ecosystem.

My mother took cooking to a whole new level with her zest for trying out new and healthy recipes. My exposure to good food choices was further refined when I married an army officer. Social evenings and hosting elaborate dinners honed my culinary skills to perfection. Meal planning became second nature. While healthy food was always our choice, inculcating healthy food habits in our children gained importance, especially since processed foods were being pushed at us at an alarming rate.

I believe that eating good food is a matter of choice. So we should eat wholesome and healthy foods that nurture and heal us from within.

Subscribe to the blog  to learn more on making delicious and easy-to-make healthy traditional Indian as well as contemporary continental food. Learn about fun facts of foods that we should eat on a regular basis to keep us healthy. Also, I would be sharing  tips on how you can shift towards a  more holistic healthy diet through prudence and my simple, doable suggestions for the same.

Through this blog, I would like to share with uou not only my healthy food recipes, but also help you understand our body’s functioning and how we can reverse disease through a sustainable change in lifestyle to achieve our holistic health goals.

Apart from  this, I am an orchid hobbyist and blog on orchid culture and care. My aim is to share my enthusiasm and passion for orchids, and enrich your life by helping you beat stress through this relaxing hobby.

Phalaenopsis bellina in bloom

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