Understanding ageing and how we can reverse it

We are but a dot in the evolutionary process.  As we grow up to be adults and progress towards old age, we begin to feel the transitory nature of our life. Ageing is inevitable, and with it come chronic ailments and conditions that impact our physical and mental well-being. However, in recent times, we see a lot of young people and even children afflicted with lifestyle diseases and conditions that were only seen in the elderly population, which is a cause for serious concern. The biological age of the younger population is advancing at a faster pace than their chronological age, which is why we have young boys shooting up in height well before they are adolescents and girls attaining puberty much before they are in their teens.

The silver lining is that whatever our age, we can regain good health and age gracefully by making a few lifestyle changes that will invariably help us reverse or slow down ageing. Read on to understand the process of aging and its contributing factors. It will empower you to work towards achieving good health for a fitter, enthusiastic and energetic you. Looking youthful or younger to your biological age is just a consequence of this wonderful transformation. (20 minute read)

Embrace Self-love and Self-care to enjoy good health

It’s that time of the year again when you look back on the year gone by and excitedly anticipate better things during the next year. The last two years have not been good ones for many of us, having lost family members or friends to COVID-19 and other health-related issues. And while the reality of COVID-19 still lurks around, making us apprehensive about the coming year, there are steps that we could begin taking to develop robust health and prepare us to successfully fight such eventualities.
Too often, we are caught up in meeting our personal and professional goals, caring for the family and looking after a sick elderly. So looking after ourselves always takes a backseat. Consider this—you can give your best to your loved ones only if you feel your best. Your well-being directly impacts the life of people around you. So this year, let your new year resolution be all about SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE. If you are healthy and happy, you will bring happiness to those around you.

Lose weight and regain good  health

Good health is like a symphony composition that can be divided into four parts. When all the four seamlessly come together, you get a piece of music that is timeless and unmatched on all merits. 

Our body is amazing in its complexity and functioning as long as there is balance.  As the balance drops, there is a slowdown in our energy levels and in the general functioning of the body, resulting in ageing and the onset of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. With the devastation caused by COVID-19, the risk associated with such co-morbidities cannot be taken lightly. The onus of self-care lies with each one of us, to become responsible and maintain good health at all times.

It is interesting to note that ageing can be accelerated or reversed, depending on the environment we provide within our body on a daily basis. It is time we realised that our health is in our hands; and we need to make concerted efforts to combat insulin resistance, which is increasingly afflicting millions of individuals the world over. As with any good thing that has lasting value, it cannot be done in a day’s work. We need to gradually and consciously make the shift by choosing what enhances our health over what degenerates it.

Serve up a sumptuous Sai Bhaji

For the very best of reasons, Sai Bhaji is a favourite dishes of the Sindhis. Prepared at least once a week in Sindhi households, this delectable medley of split chickpea, green leafy vegetables and other vegetables such as tomato, potato, bottle gourd, carrot and brinjal, is as delicious as it is healthy.

While the traditional version uses certain vegetables such as spinach, dill leaves and fenugreek leaves, you can make it with any vegetables of your choice and it will still taste great. The traditional version was simmered on low heat, but this version uses the pressure cooker, which makes for a no-big-deal experience that can be rustled up in a short time.

Effecting Change with the Pumpkin and Split Chickpea Kheer

Sustainability is increasingly being perceived as the need of the hour. The onus of sustainability does not lie on the shoulders of corporate India alone. It is we, the consumers,  who can effect the change at the grassroots level. After all, changing customer preferences are shaping the very way businesses are being run today. So…

Spice up your meals with pickled amla

Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C.  Making it a part of our daily diet can help us enjoy immense health benefits due to its key role in tissue repair, immunity development, digestion, in treating liver damage and as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also plays a major role in enhancing skin and hair quality, vision as well as reducing the effects of pollutants on the body. Try out this unique Amla pickle recipe that will tickle your taste buds and provide you with its healing properties.

Cook a mean biryani with tender jackfruit

Biryani, a rice dish flavoured with meat, vegetables and spices has many variations, depending on regional preferences. This variation, which uses tender jackfruit, a vegan substitute that resembles meat, is native to the state of Maharashtra. While this is definitely not recommended for regular consumption as a healthy low calorie dish, you can indulge in it occasionally when you crave for this sinfully rich delicacy. Don your apron, get your family and friends to pitch in, and immerse yourself in creating this dish fit for royalty, on this weekend.

Have your ice-cream and eat it too

Despite being unfavourable for your health, ice-creams will always be one of the top any-time dessert  treats that we can pamper ourselves with. By proactively moderating the frequency and exercising portion control, you can actually have your ice-cream and also ensure you do not allow it to affect your health in a significant way.

Green Mango Chutney

Chutneys add that extra zing to our meals, besides providing us with valuable macro and micro nutrients. With their tongue-tickling flavours, they play a major role in digestion of the food we eat, by stimulating our digestive juices and helping in better breakdown and assimilation of nutrients. Try out this interesting variation of the green…