Understanding ageing and how we can reverse it

We are but a dot in the evolutionary process.  As we grow up to be adults and progress towards old age, we begin to feel the transitory nature of our life. Ageing is inevitable, and with it come chronic ailments and conditions that impact our physical and mental well-being. However, in recent times, we see a lot of young people and even children afflicted with lifestyle diseases and conditions that were only seen in the elderly population, which is a cause for serious concern. The biological age of the younger population is advancing at a faster pace than their chronological age, which is why we have young boys shooting up in height well before they are adolescents and girls attaining puberty much before they are in their teens.

The silver lining is that whatever our age, we can regain good health and age gracefully by making a few lifestyle changes that will invariably help us reverse or slow down ageing. Read on to understand the process of aging and its contributing factors. It will empower you to work towards achieving good health for a fitter, enthusiastic and energetic you. Looking youthful or younger to your biological age is just a consequence of this wonderful transformation. (20 minute read)